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The Idea

The Idea

The world craves a change and our planet demands it. This statement has never been as true, as it is today. Our environment is in danger and is asking us to slow down and reflect upon our choices. Most of us have seen and experienced the effects of the global environmental changes that yield repercussions on all the aspects of our lives. Here at Netboxify, we are the firm believers of seizing the day and taking the necessary digital steps to contribute towards the change in human behaviour. And where better to start, than helping the world to consider eating more vegan food.

When we first sat down to discuss the idea of creating a social media platform for vegans, the main driving point of our discussion was enabling people not to only share recipes, but also to share ideas and experiences. Our goal was to create a community that will support its members and have a safe space to ask questions. But the idea behind Vegelibri was not only to accommodate people who have been vegan for a while. Our wish for Vegelibri is to allow those who are just starting out as vegans or the ones that are toying with the question of becoming vegan, to feel less pressured in making their transition. As we all know, every transition is a hard one.


Our Approach to
the Challenge

How do you create a social media network to respond to the needs of a specific group, yet allow it to have a wider impact on society? The main challenge we faced right upfront was creating a simple interface that would accommodate all the functions we intended for Vegelibri.

Vegelibri should be functional, without features that would distract the user from the platform’s main goal - to integrate and assist users in posting and searching for recipes, asking questions and entering into discussions. We aimed to create a user-friendly design that would meet the needs of a user, and not divert their attention.

From a marketing standpoint, our approach was simple - identify the target audience that would have great use of our product and let them be the part of it. We asked the selected communities to evaluate the product and took their feedback into account. Then, instead of serving the finished product to them, we asked the community members to post their recipes and set the standard for the direction in which they want to see the platform developing.


What we delivered

We’d like to believe that Vegelibri is a wholesome product. It appeals both to people who have been vegan for a while, and those who are making a transition as we speak. But more importantly, it is a place where one can ask a question and receive an informative answer. A platform that offers valuable sources of knowledge and solves our everyday problem known as “what shall we have for dinner today”. It is easy to use, intuitive and fun product that fits easily in our everyday lives by offering knowledge base and recipe sources in one.

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What we learned

Vegelibri was the first project that forced us to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Not all of the team members were vegan at the time, and this proved to be an advantage point for us. We evaluated the project from all the standpoints and had the very first feedback from our own team. Building a social media platform that serves for more than an entertainment purpose, prompted us to think more in the direction of a social and environmental change when it comes to the digital steps we as Netboxify will make.

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