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eCoupon is a platform for sharing and using online coupons and offers from a huge number of leading online retailers like Amazone, eBay, as well as small online stores.

You can use it to save on basically anything that you ever try to buy online, just check with Coupy (brand character).

The Idea

Not all ideas are born the same. Some come while singing in the shower, others while searching the ins and outs of the Internet in the hope to find a discount coupon for a flight to Moscow, Russia.

But let’s back up a moment. Because we’re about to reveal how this idea came up out of necessity.

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the story

The Story

Some time ago, a last-minute decision to go to a conference in Moscow met us with staggering prices of airplane tickets. Determined to go but being on a budget, we dug through a bunch of coupon sites on the Internet in hope we’d find a discount code for our fare.

What we’ve come across were a bunch of kaput websites with expired or non-valid coupons. Frustrated and discouraged by the look of things, we’ve firmly decided to create a better solution for people who want to save money, hence the rise of eCoupon - a platform that will offer impeccable user experience, and of course, functioning coupons.

the Challenge

Our approach to the Challenge

Upon deciding to create eCoupon, we faced our very first challenge. Do we register a new domain name and create a website from scratch, or do we approach owners of e-coupon websites that are not active in the business anymore?

The decision we made left us with another, much harder challenge - How to migrate the existing website (an old and outdated version of Wordpress) to a new and entirely customized platform?

From the very start we knew that this journey wouldn’t be a walk in the park. The latter issue gave birth to even more challenges (from technical SEO to content-related amendments). Nevertheless, the ambition to create a perfect environment for money-saving shoppers innately broke down all barriers we assumed impenetrable.


What we delivered

A personalized experience created by countless human- and machine-powered tests. eCoupon is a platform that serves to ease the pain of the endless search for coupons, helping users financially by providing favorable discounts. We put special emphasis on user-friendliness through display of both quantitative (number and variety of coupons) and qualitative (valid and up-to-date coupons) content that supplies users with what they came for.

In order to customize eCoupon further and make it more appealing to various audiences, we created Coupy. It is a robot mascot who assists in the interaction with visitors, has both human characteristics and comes with potent technical prowess.

The Legacy:
  • Technical tweaks for around-the-clock auto-updated coupon codes.
  • Branding through a blend of colors that evoke strong emotions into future buyers, while also giving a face to the brand (Coupy).
  • Self-maintaining SEO infrastructure for higher search traffic gains.
  • Etc.

What we aspire to

We developed and designed eCoupon to become one of the main coupon providers on the market, while also making it the go-to place for people who are looking for objective product reviews.

With roots primarily in the United States, eCoupon is in fact a global project, which is why we aspire to widen our scope of audiences not only by interest but by location and language preferences. Thus, eCoupon will offer promo codes to more language- and geo-specific products and stores tied to search queries for countries like Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavian countries and so on.

Being user-friendly is at the core of Netboxify, which is why our next step is to create a browser extension for coupon search. Just by clicking on a product anywhere on the internet, you will see if eCoupon has a discount to offer for that particular product.


So stay tuned for more updates on eCoupons journey to #1CouponProvider.

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